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Fall Photo Trips

This photo taken by Patty Sparks won as the “People’s Choice”!
"I guess the bottom line is if you want award-winning photos, sign up for a photo trip with April." - Ken & Patty Sparks

"Gifted photographer and excellent tour guide, April Bielefeldt, returned to the Farmhouse Inn last week as part of her annual fall photo trip
Great group of folks and we are looking forward to seeing some of their creations. You have an awesome guide with April "

- Tory and Barry - Farmhouse Inn Vermont-

"I will highly recommend the trip to every photographer I know!. It was well planned and a lot of fun."

- Ken (former Colorado County Attorney)


I can't thank you enough April for a truly enjoyable week. You had obviously spent a lot of time preparing the trip and it payed off. I learnt a good deal about perspective and exposure and am more confident in takings shots in low light stopping down. The whole week was so interesting and I will certainly consider another trip if the finances allow. (Australia is a tad far away)--

Margaret- Physician, Sydney, Australia

"April is an awesome photographer and an amazing trip leader.  Her research, prior knowledge and instincts make every trip an amazing adventure.  She knows exactly where to go to get the best pictures in the area and she makes the learning fun and the trip exciting.  You won't find a better leader and teacher for a photography trip."

- Ann Hurd
Educator and School Principle (30 years)
Professional Photographer (10 years)
San Diego, CA

"Yosemite 2011 was MAGICAL and I had a blast! Such great memories and laughter! I learned sooooo much from everyone! Thank you April! My husband could not believe all the beautiful photos I got...he was IMPRESSED! ;)"

- Sharon Lobel-Donaldson
Freelance Photographer and business owner
Marina del Rey, CA

"April is a photographer with a creative eye for composition and color.  Her photographs reflect her understanding of the use of light and shadow to produce images that beg to be framed and exhibited. She's an energetic, knowledgeable and fun person to shoot with in a photo trip."

            - Sol Avelino (Washington, DC)
New England Fall Foliage Trip

"The Yosemite Winter weekend was MAGICAL! An awesome group of girls and our guides were the BEST! They knew everything about Yosemite and all the right spots to help get that perfect image! Thank you to everyone that helped make this a perfect photo weekend! Wonderful company, great guiding and a lot of opportunity to learn photography from the leaders. The scenery was spectacular and lots and lots of time to try and get the perfect photo!"

- Catherine Moroney - Scientific Software engineer, Pasadena, CA

"Amazing, fun, smart, and the perfect way to get together with people who love photography. Wow how lucky I found April and Lori and through them my new friends...I can't wait for the next trip!"

- Nancy Amorteguy on Feb 5, 2011 -Ventura, CA
Yosemite Winter Trip 2011

"April and Lori are two of the best photo guides that I have ever been on a trip with. They took me to spots I would have never been able to find and helped with any question I had. April and Lori made my dreams of photographing Yosemite come true."

- Jeanette White - Acton, CA

"Thanks again for a FANTASTIC and MAGICAL weekend in Yosemite. New horizons have opened for me... love it!"

- Diane Grupe Marshall - Frazier Park, CA

"Our Wildflower Adventure up in the mountains had all the excitement of a great scavenger hunt in search of beautiful photo opportunities!  Many "secret" locations were revealed along the way and we had freedom to roam around and explore our own perspectives, while still being within sight of the group. It seemed a new picture was always popping up around the next bend and we took time to include as many "STOP!...Gotta have it!" shots as would fit into the time schedule. Since my foot was in a walking cast at the time, it was particularly nice to be so be driven around and have extra assistance with my camera gear or pulled up an incline. Sure glad I didn't have to miss out on all the fun and wonderful pictures! The lunch spot had a cute cozy atmosphere and the barbecue was delicious!  Visiting the art gallery was an extra treat.  April and Lori made it a fun day for all."

- Christy Henry (Texas)
New England Fall Foliage Trip

"The leaders efforts were excellent and tireless..."

 "The trip far exceeded my goals (photographically) I feel that I have more good useable images than I ever expected!"

"I have told my associates the trip was fantastic, with very many HIGH POINTS and NO low points, unless we talk about the one "highly recommended" breakfast stop in Maine."

"ACCOMMODATIONS were excellent in all aspects mentioned, we had no wasted time looking for lodging and then getting back on track for shooting the next morning etc. The costs were all in line with the market and chosen dates to be there."

- Milt (Los Angeles, CA)
New England Fall Foliage Trip

Just had to write and thank you both for the marvelous time yesterday!  You made it so much fun, and Serena and I came home tired but happy.

- Angel Burns (Los Angeles, CA)
California Wildflower Trip

You two are DA BOMB!

Scouting - A+
Flowers and color - A+
TLC, relaxed attitude, and taking care of the group - A+ Food - A+ Art tour - A+ Law enforcement tips - A+

I had more fun, and got more good images than I ever did going out with the big-buck tour folks (names un-named), and I made some new friends. Can't ask for more. Keep it going, you are really doing well.

- David Saffir (Los Angeles, CA)
California Wildflower Trip

"April is a brilliant photographer with an eye for creative shots. She was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable leader for our photo tour, and I wouldn't hesitate to take another tour with her. She does her homework with advance location scouting, so her locations deliver. What a fun day!!!"

- Stephanie Roberts (Los Angeles, CA)
California Wildflower Trip